Indoorcycling / Spinning - Mo 20:00 - SUF Cycling

Indoorcycling / Spinning -  Mo 20:00 - SUF Cycling Four Dimensional Power Focus:
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Can you ride? Can you Suffer with Style? Make profound Suffering look effortless?
Although it has very little Suffering in it, Elements of Style may just be our most important video ever. Developed together with the expert team at CyclingTips and shot on location in Wanaka, New Zealand, this video provides the very foundation upon which all your Suffering must rest. Over the course of six specific drills, you'll learn and practice: An exclusive 9-point 'Systems Check' you can use on any ride to get into your Optimal position. A 4-step process for standing up on a climb and generating more power. How to engage your core, including your glutes, for more stability and power. The components of a smooth pedal stroke and how to bring them together at both low and high cadences. How to stay relaxed, and efficient under pressure. Narrated by one of the best cycling commentators in the world, Eurosport's Carlton Kirby, you'll get clear instructions about exactly what to do, when and why. We guarantee it will change the way you think about your riding style after doing it just once. Do it five times and you'll automatically adjust your position while out on rides. Do it 10 times and Sufferlandrian Angels will burst into tears at the sheer epic beauty of you kicking the crap out of your competition while making it look oh so effortless.

Material das du mitbringen solltest:
  • - Eigenes Schweisstuch
  • - Radschuhe oder Turnschuhe
    Jedes Bike hat SPD (MTB) und Körbchen, ausserdem haben wir auch einige Pedale für LOOK Delta und LOOK Keo / Shimano (Rennrad) Systeme
  • - Trinkflasche (am besten mit isotonischem Getränk)
  • - mit Vorteil Radkleider oder bequeme Fitnesskleider
Solltest du ein Herz-Kreislaufbeschwerden haben, bitte VOR dem Training beim Arzt abklären ob du intensive Trainings mitmachen darfst. Wir können keine Verantwortung übernehmen. Teilnahme ist auf eigene Gefahr

Jedes Training dauert zwischen 45 und 70 Minuten.
Bitte sei pünktlich, da wir das Training möglichst ohne grosse Verzögerung starten möchten.

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