Indoorcycling / Spinning - Mi 06:30 - SUF Cycling / MyRide

Indoorcycling / Spinning -  Mi 06:30 - SUF Cycling / MyRide Four Dimensional Power Focus:
- NM: ✭✭✭✩✩
- AC: ✭✭✩✩✩
- MAP: ✭✩✩✩✩
- FTP: ✭✭✭✭✩

This session is all about high-torque efforts, very similar to the efforts you would experience out riding up the steep slopes of Mt Sufferlandria. While these efforts are short, and the intensity isn’t too high, the low cadence targets combined with minimal recovery will leave some begging for the high cadence sprints of The Omnium.
High torque efforts like these have two primary benefits. Improved neuromuscular coordination, and increased muscular endurance.

During each pedal revolution your legs have to “switch on” and “switch off” almost all of the muscles in your legs. High cadence efforts in something like Cadence Builds are great for teaching these groups to make that switch quickly. These low cadence efforts are better for teach ALL of the muscles in your legs to “switch on”. Done properly you should be pulling with your hamstrings with one leg while the other leg is pushing down with all the force your glutes and quads can muster. If you feel like you are pushing yourself up out of the saddle during harder efforts (like seated sprints) then your hamstrings are not being utilized since they should be pulling you back down into your saddle.

The second main benefit is improved muscular endurance. Even though the session is under 45 minutes, you will put a similar amount of muscular fatigue into your legs as a steady 3 hour base ride. You can almost view this session as hitting the leg press for 8 sets of 100 reps.

And just like the weight room, proper form is absolutely key! That means:
-- You should focus on pushing down AND pulling back up. You want your glutes and quads activated on the way down, and your hamstring and hip flexors activated on the way up.
-- To properly engage your hamstrings think about trying to pulling your heel up to your butt when your crank arm is going from 6 o’clock to 10 o’clock.
-- Your knees should be tracking straight up and down, no collapsing in or out!
-- Your core should be fully engaged to keep your hips rock steady in the saddle. This will be easier if you are both pushing and pulling during each pedal revolution.

This session is very simillar to Power Station. Both help improve your muscular endurance and coordination, the biggest difference is the work to rest ratio between the two. While the intervals here are shorter than those in Power Station, the decreased recovery duration means fatigue will build faster, especially for those with a weakness in repeated efforts. Modifying interval length and recovery duration can also be seen between sessions like Revolver and A Very Dark Place. Both serve up a healthy dose of MAP/VO2 work, but the overall "feeling" of those two sessions are different.

If you find that your lower back starts to ache during this session, or that you have to start rocking in the saddle to keep the power up, then it’s time for you get started on our Yoga programme. Kick it off with “Core Strengtheners I” to make sure your core is just as strong as those legs!

Material das du mitbringen solltest:
  • - Eigenes Schweisstuch
  • - Radschuhe oder Turnschuhe
    Jedes Bike hat SPD (MTB) und Körbchen, ausserdem haben wir auch einige Pedale für LOOK Delta und LOOK Keo / Shimano (Rennrad) Systeme
  • - Trinkflasche (am besten mit isotonischem Getränk)
  • - mit Vorteil Radkleider oder bequeme Fitnesskleider
Solltest du ein Herz-Kreislaufbeschwerden haben, bitte VOR dem Training beim Arzt abklären ob du intensive Trainings mitmachen darfst. Wir können keine Verantwortung übernehmen. Teilnahme ist auf eigene Gefahr

Jedes Training dauert zwischen 45 und 70 Minuten.
Bitte sei pünktlich, da wir das Training möglichst ohne grosse Verzögerung starten möchten.

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